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Variable speed drives supplier in China, specialized in manufacturing low voltage variable frequency AC drives for AC motor speed controls.

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Mini variable speed drive - EDS 800

mini variable speed driveThese mini small power variable speed drives are suitable for lots of applications for general-purpose control environment, this VSD drive adopts new advanced control technology to achieve high torque output, high precision control and wide range speed adjustment. This variable speed drive is manufactured according to China and global customers general requirements and motor speed control industrial features, integrated PID control, simple PLC setting, programmable input & output control terminals, provide remote synchronous control, pulse frequency provision and other powerful variable speed drive control functions, to provide highly-integrated solutions for equipment manufacturing industries and automation control industries to local China customers, India, Pakistan, South Africa and more.

Power Range: 0.2kW – 1.5kW (1 phase); 0.75kW - 1.5kW(3 Phase)
Input voltage: single phase 220VAC ± 15%, three phase 380VAC ± 15%
Output voltage: three phase rated input voltage
Control mode: V/F control

Mini Variable Speed Drive Features:
  1. Small dimensions, 11.25cm (length) * 8.45cm (width) * 14.15cm (height);
  2. Build variable speed drives network independently, the variable speed drive can be host or slave;
  3. Built-in timer & counter;
  4. Built-in braking unit in VSD;
  5. With speed adjusting potentiometer, panel can be connected to other devices;
  6. Lock part or all key-press buttons (invalid of analog potentiometer);
  7. Copy variable speed drive parameters by remote keyboard;
  8. Many types of running frequency/command provision channels;
  9. Space voltage vector control SVPWM;
  10. High performance isolation of over current output, and can connect to 220V/0.5A AC or DC loads;
  11. Integrated standard RS485 communication port;
  12. Analog &Pulse input/output channels;
  13. 16 steps speed adjustment;
  14. Wobble frequency function special for textile machines, these variable speed drives are suitable to be applied to most textile machines.
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