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Variable speed drive for textile machines

With the continuous improvement of the technical level of textile machinery mechatronics, variable speed control has become a trend. Most textile machines apply variable speed drives in the AC induction motors.

Variable speed drive reduces power consumption and costs
Textile mills cannot work well without air-conditioning equipment. When the air-condition motor with variable speed drive control, it will reduce power consumption, saves electricity costs. According to the data provided by a company, the full year of a 12 air-conditioned textile mills can save more than 24 million electricity units, which has dropped by an average of 6-7 percent.

Variable speed drive improve performance
Through PLC programmable controller or PC to control variable speed drives to achieve multi-motor synchronized operation. Control production line movement by agencies, thereby simplify the procedures.

Variable speed drive technologies
The motors controlled by variable speed drives in textile machinery can be divided into two types. First one is Y Series AC induction motor. This type motor is mainly used in textile machines with low precision control requirements and narrow speed adjustment range. Another one is dedicated AC variable speed induction motor. Mainly used for high precision controls and wide speed adjustment range machines.

Different type variable speed drives
1) Use variable speed drive for open-loop controls called the V/F control. In this way, the circuit is simple and reliable. but speed range is within 10:1, low speed precision from 2% to 5%, and low-speed performance is not good. Therefore, this type variable speed drives are mainly used in knitting machines or textile machines with low requirements.
2) Sensorless vector variable frequency drive has excellent low-speed performance. Simple circuit structure and high reliability, and has good acceleration and deceleration features, torque control and current limiting characteristics. The speed accuracy can be 0.5% to 1.0%. Speed range within 20:1. Such variable speed drives are suitable for printing and dyeing machines.

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