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Variable speed drive for ID Fans in mining industry

In most middle/large mining companies, power consumption of motor accounts for 50% of total power consumption. LV variable speed drive is very common. But, defectiveness of MV variable frequency technology, and voltage withstand capacity of components have been restricting MV variable speed drive development and its application. In recent years, with rapid development of MV technology and voltage withstand function, MV variable speed drive has been used widely. Its energy saving effect is considerable.

Project introduction
There were 4 low voltage motors (315kW, 562A, 1476r/min) in flue gas purification system. In general, 2~3 motors worked and another was spare. Fans connected in parallel. Sub-pressure was controlled by valve. Valve opening was controlled just by personnel experience. In 2005, plant decided to reform purification system with medium voltage variable speed drive. Mode of one work and one spare was suggested to ensure safety and reliability.

Purification system layout
Purification system layout

1. Driving equipments
MV asynchronous motor: YP7560-6, 1000kW, 50Hz , Ve=6300V,Ie=108.95A; ne=994r/min; cosφ=0.876, insulation class: F, connecting: Y, allowed to start once in hot state and twice in cold state.

2. Centrifugal ID fan
Model: Y7-2X36-22F; 338600m3/h; 7500Pa; ne=990r/min; 1000kW.

Variable speed drive structure and principal

Variable speed drive structure

Gozuk variable speed drive adopts technology of cell-cascaded, high-medium voltage source, 6kV input. Medium voltage is transferred to low voltage through transformer. Then it goes through diode and IGBT inverter. Then cells cascaded output 6.3kV.

variable speed drive system

Benefits of variable speed drive reform

The variable speed drive has been running stably in flue gas purification system for 3 years since August, 2005. System also runs healthily. Energy saving is considerable and achieves expected goal. It also meets technology requirement and improves purification effect, which makes plant be prized by local environmental protection bureau. According to related statistics, power consumption of purification system has been down 19%. Actual data is in following:

NO Furnace Subpressure (Pa) Frequency (Hz) Current (A) Result
1 1system 960—1020 19 26 Up to standard
2 2 systems 1000—1100 24 34 Up to standard
3 3 systems 1050—1150 27 41 Up to standard
4 4 systems 1100—1200 31 47 Up to standard
5 5 systems 1160—1250 35 52 Up to standard
6 6 systems 1200—1130 38 58 Up to standard

Variable speed drive application in purification system optimizes the system performance, improves purification effect, reduces power consumption greatly. According to related statistic, flue gas consumption reduces 19m3/t. Total power consumption reduces 137000kW.h per month.

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