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Variable speed drives supplier in China, specialized in manufacturing low voltage variable frequency AC drives for AC motor speed controls.

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Variable speed drive for cable industries

Advanced control technique: Based on flux observer of modern control theory, real current vector control drive and high precision torque control model can directly control current (torque) of AC induction motor, and can realize smooth starting (1% rated speed) in low speed and operated precisely, also can protect machinery even if the occurrence of sudden load imbalance.variable speed drive for cable industries
  • Speed range: 1:1000 (1:100 PG)
  • Speed accuracy: ± 0.02% (± 0.5% PG)
  • Starting torque: 150% at zero speed (150% / 1Hz PG)
The variable speed drive contains 4 kinds of control models, any motor can be applied to a wide range of fields by simple parameter selection.
  • General application: sensorless vector control (without PG)
  • Small torque at low frequency: open loop voltage vector control (without PG)
  • Accurate control: current vector control (with PG)
  • Multi motor parallel drive: V/f control (without PG)
Auto - tuning (self-learning) function can realize high precision control on any electric motor.

VSD100 variable speed drive through the maximum efficiency control, vector control and V/F control can efficiently running can play a superior energy saving effect in energy saving control applications, not only of fans, pumps, injection molding machine drives, but also ordinary machinery.
VSD100 variable speed drive with excellent response function can quickly response to the command to change the value (the speed instruction step response), and has very strong adaptability when load rapidly fluctuating (in under impact loading velocity reversion characteristic).

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