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Brush motors VS brushless motors

The application will drive the choice of gear motor. If you go with brush DC motors you will save money but have a lot of maintenance. If you go brushless motor it costs more but last much longer.

Many large production facilities will not allow brush motors on their property due to the maintenance nightmare. 1000 brush motors in a plant will put it out of business. If your product is going to small companies who will just have one or two brush motors it is usually not a problem.

Even with the low torque requirement gearing is still an issue. If this is a low duty cycle you can use plastic gears and very inexpensive gearboxes. Think of the geared motors in vending machines. There are a bunch of manufacturers of these, Bing vending machine geared motors.

As the duty cycle or required life increases you get into more and more expensive motors and gearing. On the high end you could have a brushless motor with all hardened helical/hypoid gearing like Brother or Sumitomo. These are more for high cycle production environments.

If the duty cycle is low enough you can over torque the motors which can save a lot of money. There are many applications where if the motor runs more than a couple of minutes at one time it will burn up. The starter motor in a car and hospital bed actuators are a couple of examples.

The more detail you have about your application the better. Knowing exactly, in engineering terms, what your requirements are can save you a bunch of money.

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