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In fan application, should we run the variable frequency in vector control mode or v/f mode? what are the pros and cons of both the modes. what are the methods to find out the correct running of the motor?
It depends on the application. If it is a small fan or easy application go with V/F. As a rule V/F is going to be less accurate, lower current and less money. You can buy a vector VFD and run it in V/F mode.
On electric drive large NG compressors, inlet pressure 70 psi, outlet about 1100 constant torque, what about electrical load, especially the reactive component, is it dynamic or relatively static? If it is a centrifugal compressor, and you are using the variable frequency drive only as a soft start, it behaves as a variable torque load. If you use the VFD drive for flow control, there are areas of it being constant horsepower.
We are going to go with ac motors and newer variable frequency drives. Management is wanting to keep the Simatic S5 PLC. If we keep this plc do I need to have any programming changes done to the plc to recognize/communicate with the new VFDs? Will the Simatic S5 PLC be compatible with newer VFDs? Finally would it just be wiser to upgrade the plc? We are not upgrading the whole production line just the palletizing section of this production line. This production line makes paper bags.
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