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1a. if the driver is a synchronous motor there isn't a power factor problem as the motor will be either 1.0 or leading PF
1b. if the driver is induction: check with the motor manufacturer for the power factor vs. load curve AND request from the manufacturer of the recommended maximum PF correction capacitor.
2. If it is a variable frequency drive, check with the VFD manufacturer to see what kind of front end it has, and then validate what the vendor can allow as PF modification equipment placed before the AC drive.
Variable speed drive in China has nearly 20 years on the market, because of its good performance and considerable power saving effect, so in all walks of life in a very wide range of applications, so far has reached about 30% utilization rate. Especially in the last ten years, variable speed drive development is rapid, increase rate of every year is more than 20%.
Variable frequency drives manufacturers in the domestic market of more than 300. VFD supporting industries in China is relatively weaker domestic brands in terms of manufacturing, industrial design and other technical aspects with foreign brands there are some gaps. Currently, foreign brands in the domestic VFD market share of about 7 percent, products the local variable frequency drive enterprise main production of the V / F control, vector drives for superior performance, high technical content, the vast majority of domestic companies to develop products not mature enough.
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