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What needs to be considered before buying a variable speed drive

Variable speed drives have come a long way in the past 20 years, from being a dumb component to intelligent process controller. Following are the main points to consider:

IP ratings: is it going to be mounted inside a box? Or out in the field? What is the ambient conditions like temperature, dust, Fumes and gases etc.

Control: how is the variable speed drive controlled? Hard wired start stop (3 wire or 2 wire) and analog signals (4-20 ma or 0-10 V) OR via serial communications. What serial communications are required? PID control, Safety Requirements etc.

Load: What are the load torque requirements variable torque, Constant Torque or Constant power? What are the speed requirements? Does the variable speed drive needs to give high breakaway torque? Does the load demand high torque at low speeds. If it is used on critical applications is accuracy required and holding torque requirements at zero speed?

Motor and Cables: What kind of motor to control Normal TEFC or a PM or special pump motors requiring low du/dt? Cable distance to the motor?

HARMONICS and EMC: depending on the site conditions the variable speed drive may be required to comply with the harmonic and EMC standards.

These are only a few of the points to consider. What will be of greatest help for the variable speed drive suppliers is application details as a starting point.

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7 months back I was involved in a harmonics evaluation study at Budweiser. This was one of many I've participated in over the past 20 years, basically because in facilities like ... Most of variable speed drives are applying on high temperature fans, kiln head coal mill fans, kiln head surplus fans, raw mill circulating fans and so on. Two production lines ... Variable speed drive application in purification system optimizes the system performance, improves purification effect, reduces power consumption greatly. According to related ... The motor power factor does not make a big difference other than giving an idea of loading. In regards to the variable speed drive fixing power factor everyone is mostly correct. ... A soft starter is a basic device which will ramp up the speed of your motor to full speed over a preset time, easing mechanical stress and also easing the high inrush currents ...

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